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Ecuador Elections: From Right to the Left

Los ecuatorianos has escogido y para bien de unos tantos Correa ganó (casi es oficial) las elecciones en la República del Ecuador.

Rafael Correa es nacido en Guayaquil, en la costa del Pacífico ecuatoriano, Correa estudió Economia en Bélgica y después en la Universidad de Illinois situada en Urbana-Champaign. El futuro Presidente sirvió también como Ministro de Finanzas durante el gobierno del Presidente Alfredo Palacio.

Lo que llama la atención es que la izquierda (o pseudoizquierda) está moviéndose rápido hacia el poder en Latinoamérica y se percibe o al menos así lo reportan los entendidos (prensa tradicional) es la fuerte influencia que se hace sentir de parte de Chavez en Venezuela. He aquí el semblante de la prensa internacional y de aquellos que escriben porque les gusta hacerlo (bloggeros):

"The preliminary count from Ecuador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal is even more in favour of Mr Correa than the exit polls, which indicated he had won 57% of the vote" -BBC.

"Correa pledged to construct 100,000 low-cost homes and copied Noboa's promise to double a $36 'poverty bonus' that 1.2 million poor Ecuadoreans receive each month" -Yahoo News.

"...Voters were thinking - they all suck and they all lie so let’s give this one a chance. Throw the dice! It was the same thing Bolivia’s voters repeatedly said ahead of their vote cast for Evo Morales. Now, Ecuador joins Bolivia in the contest to be the most unstable country of the Americas..." -Publiuspundit.

"... the reality is that the recent victories of the Left in Latin America and now Central America are tempered with realism that they need to develop social captialism, a mixed economy, if they are to get out from under the thumb of Imperialism" -LE REVUE GAUCHE.

"...if he tries to go communist and take away our rights or liberty (which I dont' think will happen, seemeingly the communist label was just bad publicity from the contrary side), I would have to go out to the streets and do the fighting with my hands like anyone else would here" -Darynthe.

"We anticipate that the gridlock and confrontation between the executive and legislative will reach new heights under a Correa administration," investment bank Goldman Sachs said..." -Reuters.

"...he may default on the country's debt and said Ecuador doesn't need a free trade agreement with the U.S. He also said he would maintain the dollar as Ecuador's currency, replace congress with a constituent assembly and try to ensure Ecuador, South America's fifth-largest oil producer, rejoins the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries after leaving it in 1992"> -Blooberg.

" ¿Pero a qué se debe este ir y venir de mandatarios? A lo mejor somos muy impacientes, a lo mejor nunca hemos sabido elegir bien, pues yo creo que no es nada de eso, lo que pasa es que somos demasiado influenciables, solo basta con que salga Carlos Vera y diga: 'es una labor cívica la que llevan a cabo los forajidos' , para que todos digamos: 'ah no, pues yo también quiero ser forajido!...yo tambien quiero ser rebelde, a pelear por el país!" -César


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