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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Where And How to Start Feeling Younger Than Ever!

Video produced and distributed by UTPL under MIRADAS

This is the story of a foreigner in Loja, who discovered that growing older not necessarily means being invisible to the opposite sex.

She went to a party where, for the first time, she received not a glimmer of attention from any man there. She was happily married by then, but still, she remembers how stunned she felt to go unnoticed. Suddenly, she was out the game. After years, she confess, she loves male attention as much as ever.

This was an experience in Loja's (not far from Vilcabamba) not much crowded immigration office. Holding her ticket, she sat for about one hour, resigned to a long wait. A young man, half her age had completed her paperwork and asked her if she was married or single. She said 'single' and watched as he checked the box marked 'divorciada'. Wait. "Actually, I am a widow" she pointed out.

"Oh, señora", he said, "I am so very sorry. Please accept my profound apology. I have made the most egregious error". Now here he was, spotting her in the back of the room and waving me up to his window. The bunch of visa-seeking gringos parted, then, she floated by, to be received by a courteous Ecuadoran male who took his time explaining the final steps in the visa renewal process. She will be able to come back into two weeks to pick up the visa, he concluded. "Until then", he said, taking her hand in his and cocking his head ever so slightly. "que le vaya muy bien, señora".

This expression in Spanish means, "I hope that all goes well for you" and it's a standard good-bye in Loja and Ecuador. To the 70 and something old American woman, it feels like a resurrection from the dead. It hasn't been too long ago that she waited in a store in the States and her testimony goes about a middle-aged, balding clerk, who helped a 20-something, long haired blonde pick out a flat TV screen. The clerk was all charm with all information on every set in sight. When she finally got her turn, the employee barely made eye contact and offered minimal data on only the sets I asked about. Of course, she didn't buy a TV and walk out feeling upset and humiliated.

In Loja and the little town of Vilcabamba, She is born again into a world of easy-smiling men who give her a two handed hello or a peck on the check and people who always take the time to chat. Part of all this is custom; regardless of their sex, people stop and exchange pleasantries. A typical "hi, How are you?" flyby is a bad form for Ecuadorean culture; you learn at least to stand still and wait for an answer.

What you can experience down South Ecuador is more than good manners. Men you don't even know smile openly at you, make eye contact and say, "Buenos dias." Occasionally, they will give you a sly up-and-down glance as you pass on the street. The top video, at the beginning shows you the point of view of people living in Vilcabamba and this story reflects how nice and polite Vilcabamba residents are and continue to be.

The other day in Vilcabamba, the man behind the counter at a small hardware store felt free to place some extra gaskets on the hand of the history's woman and declare, "No charge , seniora. I ask only that you return soon to look at me again with your beautiful and rare green eyes around here". She had to laugh at this nonsense.

Remember, if you happen to come to Ecuador, go Loja and ask to be driven to Vilcabamba, you won't see only ancient people but surely you will feel younger as ever!

This post was inspired on the video shown up here and in Remember Sweet Things by Ellen Greene.

Ideas And Experiences On Uses of ITC in the Classroom

Tom Barret is really serious about his ideas and thoughts on using educational technology in my classroom.

Follow up the link and get knowledge of his last post on Twitter as a teaching and learning tool.

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Milton Ramirez: Education & Tech Editor's Portrait

Yesterday, while I was reading our Google Reader subscriptions, I got knowledge of the decision of a fellow blogger about to quit blogging. BlogBloke, has been in the blogosphere many years now and while he's still looking around to make his final decision, we have to congratulate to have him around with such a good information and constant updates in his old and new web address. BB way ahead you will get to know, what's next for you.

Eduardo Avila, is the Regional Editor in Global Voices for Latin America and his advice when you don't have anything to write is to make an interview. Not that we don't have topics to write about, but I want to share with you an old interview that Jamila Lopez wrote about Mr. R. back in September 2002. The Editor of this blog was working for St. Mary's HS and The Hilltopper is the internal newspaper for students and faculty in this institution.

The document was published in the Vol. 6, No. 1 of The Hilltopper and started something like this:

Mr. R. is from Ecuador where he resided until just four years ago when he decided to come to the United States with his family.

In St. Mary's he teaches Math and Spanish. Mr. R. decided to join the St. Mary's staff because he wanted to do what he really likes, teaching. Since Mr. R. has been in St. Mary's he has been mostly impressed with the discipline of the students, the warmth of the teachers, and the way things are organized.

Mr. R's educational background consists of being licensed in math and physics from the Loja National University. He also has a Doctorate in Educational Science and a certificate in Secondary Education. Mr. R's teaching style is the Socratic method, which is basically quick question and quick answer. And, finally, he likes to research things scientifically and socially. He likes to find out what is within a person or action.

In his personal life Mr. R. enjoy hobbies such as reading books as well as write them; he even has five unedited books on educational research, which is his passion. He enjoys movies and likes to get acquainted with a lot of people. But, most of all, he enjoys the time he spends with his family and traveling to discover new places.

What he remembers mostly about his high school experience besides the learning, is trying to think of pranks for his teachers.

From this blog we want to greet and thank Ms. Malko, Mrs. Sobon, Mrs. Paterek and Nick Maruschak for all their support and coaching during those days in the St. Mary's HS.

TeacherTube: Twitter in Plain English

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7 Educational Sites Your Kids Will Enjoy

Guest post written by Heather Jonhson(*)

Chances are, your children use the Internet to play online games and/or socialize with peers. While both of those activities have their time and place, you'd probably be relieved to find your child learning while they are having fun. There are many educational sites that are so entertaining they will almost trick your child into learning. Below are seven of the best:

1. Ask Dr. Universe – Does your child have a propensity for asking hard questions about the universe? Perhaps they should "Ask Dr. Universe," the world's most curious cat. This fun site allows children to write in with questions about anything and Dr. Universe answers with authority.
2. National Geographic Kids – All kids love to read about dinosaurs and the wild side of nature. This massive site is full of fun facts and educational games.
3. Discovery Kids – This is the children's online companion to the Discovery Channel. It is similar to National Geographic Kids in content, but is worth its own merit.
4. NASA Kids' Club – Space is the final frontier and is a topic that children find endlessly fascinating. From online flight simulators to amazing high-res pictures of space, this is a great place for your little science expert to visit.
5. How Stuff Works – While this site is targeted toward people of all ages, children should be interested in learning how everything we take for granted in this world really works.
6. Cool Science for Curious Kids – This site is produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Here, children will get up close and personal with nature under a microscope, not to mention other creepy crawly things.
7. The Atoms Family – Learn all about "mad" science with appearances by Universal Monsters. For example, "The Mummy's Tomb" covers topics about kinetic energy and energy conservation. This site was designed by the Miami Museum of Science.

Trust me when I say that your children are more interested in nature and science than their video game addiction might indicate. Once a child starts surfing around the above-mentioned sites, they won't look back. In fact, it may teach them a newfound respect for their daily school routine.

(*)Heather Johnson is a freelance writer, as well as a monthly contributor for OEDb, a site to help students select among accredited online schools. Heather invites your comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address email address.

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