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"Blogging is a lifestyle statement now. People may blog about their habits, day-to-day life, matters of international importance etc. For most of the bloggers, blogging is a pastime. But, there are professional bloggers, men who put all their time and effort into blogging, men who earn a pretty penny from blogging."

"It is vitally important to have multiple streams [of traffic] so your blog can survive when Google betrays you. Try for example: Social Bookmarking/Networking, Type-In, Comments/Forums, Link Baiting and Viral Marketing."

"For a successful blog you’ll have to go beyond just reading and writing to collaborating and sharing. Create and provide audience. Have the power in your thoughts to make your visitors think."

You still can add up some info about this issue , if not, at least pay a visit to this three blogs I've selected : Digital Dreams, Nusuni Blog and Blogging to Fame

Blogging is about participating in a community of like-minded individuals.

Update 2:
Boost your PR w/ Blog Directories.
Jumpo on the Web 2.0 wagon, link related content!

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  1. Thanks for the link :)

    Good luck with your blog.

  2. Wishes make us stronger, Jeremy.
    Happy Valentines, too: Ipanema.
    Alice B. Glad you caught our misinterpretation. Very kind of yours.