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Why Nobody Reads My Blog?

I still don't know how did I get linked to Alister Cameron(I've found out just now...sorry sometimes I'm slow!) but what he posted today really caught my eye. Have you ever asked why nobody reads your blog? Well, he goes deep on this matter and you dear reader (imaginary) should take a hard look of what is he saying, considering TonNet is not a A-league blogger yet. The link love issue is about socialnetworking:
Are you hearing me? It’s about relationships. We are humans… we’re created to relate. You MUST get past the fact that all your blogging happens on a computer, to realize that it’s just people, really! If you’re a hermit and you can’t relate to people, you’re going to be in trouble

And then he advises to write a post about the 'relational dynamic' and how this helped you grow your blog, linkback to his post and receive in turn a highlight for So how do you go about getting more one way links to your blog? Simple. Write good content that people actually find value in.supporting his thesis. Will you take it? I'll do.
The real reason why nobody reads your blog is this: massively successful blogging is about establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. It’s all about who you know. Really!
Post a comment or give me a link back to prove me wrong. Nobody is reading my blog but thanks to people like Alister I do know the reasons now!

Alexander Russo writes, "People always ask me how many folks read this blog, and I always tell them "One or two" -- which isn't all that far off. It's quality, not quantity".

Update 2:
Mr Russo links back our post. Thanks

Update 3:
So how do you go about getting more one way links to your blog? Simple. Write good content that people actually find value in.

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  1. My friens, it's all about relationship! :-)


  2. It is boring to study how a blog consultant justifies his ups and downs in the blogosphere, so I rather do NOT play his game and keep reading the blogs of my friends like yours.

  3. that is b/c u'r not a bloglebrity like me..jajajaja

    just kidding..

    Kiss kiss

  4. from that blog i read " ...it’s not the content" and that it's all about "...establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships"

    - perhaps it is true, for some people. but for me, it IS about content. if i am not interested in what is being blogged, i won't read that persons jive, and i hope that people visit my blog because they like what i have to share, not to be, "...establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships" :)))

  5. I've started separating my blogroll, because some that are listed, I actually read, and the others are there because they linked to me.

    Lately, I just don't care. Every once in a while I get picked up by the Washington Post or Tailrank, but I doubt if I will ever be one of the big blogs.

  6. Sorry to disappoint you Fernando. I will try to do my best in order to not lose a friend.
    I've posted about wnat it means to be in a relationship but of course I laso deeply believe the contennt is a must.
    Thanks Hector, BaBalingus, Jacksta and Deb to participate in this thread!

  7. Let's see...

    Blog Success = (Good content) x (win/ win relationships!)

  8. everything is about relationships... even technology. i saw you on virb and it took me here. what do you think about virb so far?

  9. What a thread! Someone else to post a comment?

  10. Hey! I like your blog. Looks good!

  11. I think it's about being a good neighbor and networking with other bloggers.

  12. Relate is on human nature, so true!
    there is no point on posting something that you worked so hard to publish for yourself to read it. You gotta show it to the world if you think that it is of value; there's when relationships come in handy, but on the other hand also relationships can make completely useless garbage a big amount of audience, not just in blogging but everywere.

    "there is no use for a genious to be genious if nobady understands what he's saying, that's called madness"

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    Encontre muy interesante tu sitio, asi que me he suscrito, espero seguir leyendo articulos ineresantes, que estes bien

  14. I have the same problem in a sense, I get readers but nobody ever comments but one person, wtf am i doing wrong?

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