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What you need to know to become a contributing writer for Education & Tech

On EDUCATIONANDTECH.com, we are looking for writers who can write good quality articles.  If you want to kickstart your career, you will need to build your own professional portfolio. By sharing your skills and expertise at this Education blog, people will have a way to know you better.

Publishing articles on Education & Tech will expose you to our targeted readership and ensures your articles will be publicized globally.

Guest blog article  publishing policy:

  • Write a blog article in 500 words or more
  • Write a brief personal bio, and include no more than one link you want to be promoted which I reserve the right to change it or remove after 365 days from the day of publishing. You should also provide your social contact info (email address, Twitter handle, and Google+ link) for authorship benefit and verification. These links are permanent
  • Article body cannot include links to your personal blog or social media, out of blog topic link building (spammers out), and cannot be a business pitch
  • Articles should be sent using a simple text format. Use HTML format whenever is possible
  • Use proper spelling and grammar is a must. I just don't do COPY and PASTE
  • Provide original content that hasn't appeared yet on EDUCATIONANDTECH.com. But you can follow up on any other topic.
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Submitted posts are unpaid, and by that, you give educationandtech.com the right to edit, publish, and share your article.
  • No affiliated codes or referral links
If your article is approved, we'll post it within the next 15-20 calendar days. After that, and you don't hear from us during that period, you should feel free to publish it elsewhere. Are you interested? Contact us at: miltonramirez [atsign] educationandtech [dawt] com or tonnetisalove [atsign] gmail [dawt] com.

There are also some guest post requirements:

The field of work on this site is the provisión of education news, offer expert advice on education technology,  work as a reference depository, and discover web 2.0 tools for educators, administrators, parents, and k-12 students.   Authors have to demonstrate a strong passion for improving other teachers’ lives and make sure that their thoughts go into the text easily.

Please, do any effort to send requests that are solely related to this blog, its editorial line, and its readers.