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About Education & Tech

Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. Education community. Education & Tech was founded in 2003 and started as a regular blog. Now the intention is connecting to the large and growing community of education technology, educators, and education enthusiasts.

Education Technology is a leading independent, not corporate online publication edited by a single education professional person, Milton L. Ramirez, Ed.D., a long-time educator living in the tri-state area. 

To our taste, Technology in Education is an award-winning education feature, where this site shares and reports to the community, amplify ideas and harness the use of technologies that promise to fit in the leaders' agenda including the million of school professionals that are shaping the future of learning.

To learn who we are visit Global Voices or click here and here.

Contacting Milton Ramirez

Please, hit the link if you'd like to get in touch with this page's editor about whatever you think he may be of any help: e-mail. Whether or not you are into social media and professional connections, feel free to add him to any of the social networks he belongs to or find him elsewhere else. No spam, no marketing, absolutely.