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Where in the World is Milton Ramirez?

We've been quite a long time trying to build up our social networks, so you are going to see many different ways to get in touch with administrator of Education & Tech, some are not being used so actively as others, but feel free to add me to your social network of your preference and we will correspond doing the same in regards.

Milton L. Ramirez on LinkedIn
Milton L.Ramirez [tonnet] on Foursquare
Milton L. Ramirez [tonnet] on Twitter
Milton L. Ramirez on Facebook
Milton L. Ramirez on Flickr
Milton L. Ramirez [tonnet] on Pinterest
Milton L. Ramirez [tonnet] on Instagram

Some other places where you can find Milton Ramirez Online:

Latino Street Newspaper - World United Bloggers - Buzzfeed - GeeksRoom - Plurk - Global Voices Online - Medium - Growing Your Small Business

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