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How to Stay Motivated Throughout Academic Life

By Ishika Agarwal*

Student life is the most crucial stage where we learn so many things other than studies. It is a phase that teaches us the best lessons of life. No matter how much success you will achieve in future, you won't forget the days spent at school, college and university. However, not many students make the most out of this beautiful period of life. It is because some get involved in unnecessary activities while others become the victim of demotivation.

Let's talk about motivation and why it is important for a student to stay motivated throughout his academic life. Being a motivational speaker and student counselor, I use to attend several educational events, gatherings and seminars. My experience says that majority of students suffer from lack of motivation during their academic phase.

This particular reason compelled me last night to share few tips and guidelines as a source of motivation for such students. If you are going through a similar kind of problem at any stage of your academic career, these tips can turn out to be a great remedy.

Start Your Day with Morning Walk

Today, students have become quite a bit lazy in keeping their body fit and healthy. They are more focused towards achieving grades. I had been facing this gigantic issue since the start of my college life, but then I realized that something is going wrong. I still remember that I had gained so much weight in just a short period of time and I was being extremely lazy for anything.

It is due to the reason I would suggest you to start your day with a morning walk. You can go to the park nearby to spend a couple of minutes under fresh and soothing air. Trust me after coming back to home you will feel a drastic change to your vision. Moreover, you will feel a lot more energized.

Don't Try to Master Everything

Becoming overambitious during the early stage of academic life is pretty common. However, keeping the same momentum can be troublesome. You can't be an expert in every subject. If you are not good at biology, it is better to treat it as a subject and not just more than it. In fact, you should focus more on your favorite subjects and try to improve your grades for better opportunities in future.

Pushing yourself too much can be stressful and it can certainly lead to demotivation. It is what usually happens with students who desperately want to achieve everything without strategizing their goals.

Kick that Introvert Person Out of Your Life

Lack of confidence can ruin your life. Whether you are a topper of your class or just an average student, shyness can be the biggest barrier if not handled properly. When listening to the lecture, feel free to ask questions if some points are not clear. No matter what your classmates think of you, if something needed to be discussed with a teacher, do not hesitate.

I truly believe that after following this approach, you will feel yourself in a better position. Remember, if you have some goals to achieve, you definitely need to kick that introvert person out of your life.

Spend Quality Time with Your Classmates

Time spent with friends can change you into a highly motivated and energized individual. I hope you do have a couple of friends whom you can spend time with. If yes, then plan weekly or monthly hangouts to make your friendship stronger. True friends can turn out to be real motivators, mentors and advisors who can teach you the lesson of staying positive in any situation.

I am pretty sure that you must have learned the aforementioned useful guidelines on how to stay motivated. Now, it is a time to implement all of them to avail some amazing outcomes.

Ishika Agarwal is a Senior Writer and Manager at coursework writing services. She is a passionate marketer and loves to tweet about latest marketing trends and techniques.

Education & Tech

Top Education & Tech: News for Educators 2015 [Updated]

  • Even if you don’t have the skills, you can use a variety of free web-based visual tools for designing eye-popping graphics directly in your browser.

  • This guide makes finding the best apps for the task (and your kids' needs) a total no-brainer.

  • To prove that poverty is the major factor driving America’s meager academic achievement, these three claims need to be established:

    1. Poverty is related to lower levels of student learning.
    2. America’s poor students perform worse than other countries’ poor students.
    3. The poverty rate in the United States is substantially higher than the rates in countries with which it is compared.

  • In many countries, due to poverty, security or cultural factors, male children will be educated while their female siblings will not. And this only one of the reasons.

  • The bill Every Student Succeeds Act hands more powers back to the states, and is the final death knell for the expiring and unloved No Child Left Behind.

  • Head Start, serving more than 1 million children annually, is our nation's biggest early childhood program, and one that focuses exclusively on the most at-risk students. And this is the first time the standards have been revised in 17 years!

  • The less they read, the less capable they are of writing, but also the less sense they have of what a written product is, and what it means to write, and less of sense of what plagiarism is.

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Education & Tech: News for Educators

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Education & Tech: News for Educators 11/23/2015

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How Google Docs Can Make Learning Fun

Paresh Dhake*

Google Docs can make learning fun
Google is known for its search engine services and other solutions that help businesses and individuals benefit. However, its apps for education have been becoming hugely popular in the recent years and one of the most successful apps that have come up in recent times is Google Docs. There's a lot of ways you can use the app for educational purposes. It's one of the apps that has made its mark in the e-learning industry thanks to the intuitive interface and ease of use combined with the integration with Google Drive. You can easily create new files, edit them on the go and also share with others no matter where you are without having to worry about data loss. Implementing the app into your e-learning strategy can help you benefit greatly and boost the effectiveness of your learning. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to leverage the free tool.

Store your notes remotely:The integration of Google Apps with Google Docs allows you save your files no matter where you are. As long as you logged in to your Google account you can simply sign in to Google Docs and edit your files. You can use Docs to take notes in the classroom on your tablet or laptop and go home and read them over. Considering Google Apps are available for all platforms you can access them on a range of devices without any difficulties. You never have to worry about losing your files as they will be stored on the cloud and you can also make changes on the go. So even if you lose your physical copies of your learning resources you can simply login to the Google Docs app and access whatever you have lost.

Collaborate with others: One of the things that Google Docs product team targeted when they started out building the app was the collaboration feature. They already have a stiff competition from Microsoft Office suite of products. But it lacked collaboration capability.

You can prepare collaborative projects with your classmates using Google Docs. Collaborative projects allow you to work on the same plan with others without needing to be physically present with your collaborators to complete your research. Completing assignments become a breeze and you can also gain real-time feedback if you connect to your teachers by allowing them to monitor your progress. While collaborating you can also use Google chat to talk to your partners which serves as an invaluable tool when it comes to working as a group. Being able to share your knowledge base with others and gaining from others' knowledge about subjects can be greatly beneficial to your learning.

Mobile learning: Apple iOS and Android device users can easily access their files by downloading the Google Docs app and they can easily learn on the go when they do not have access to tablets and laptops. You can also edit and upload files using a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi whenever you want. One of the best features of the app is that you do not have to be online to use the app. You can simply create or edit files and they will automatically be synced when your phone has internet access.

Create Google Drive Courses: You can also upload your notes and prepare them in a systematic format that resembles a course to help others with their studies and assignments. Publishing your notes can be greatly beneficial to others and you can easily get feedback on your work from others and develop your own content. Listening to opinions of others is the most important objective of doing this; it will lead to conversations and interactions between you and your peers and help you become adept in your subjects. You should consider preparing webinars that include content with graphics and other visuals to make your documents more interesting and engaging. However, you need to be very active and make edits and changes as soon as you receive constructive feedback.

Self-grading quizzes: You can use Google Docs to make self-grading quizzes and exams. Collectively creating quizzes among your peers and using them to self-grade your comfort levels with certain topics can be of great benefit. These simple quizzes can prove to be valuable learning tools for students and should be used as frequently as possible.

Brainstorming sessions: You can use Google Docs simply to share ideas and concepts among your students. Being able to work collaboratively on a single file is one of the biggest advantages of using Google Docs.

Google Docs is one of the best tools for collaborative learning and boosting your productivity in e-learning. Being able to save your files on the go irrespective of which device you use and not having to worry about your notes and other learning resources, can prove to very useful for students.

(*) Paresh Dhake is a long time career advisor and a technology enthusiast. He is busy figuring newer ways to leverage technology in education. He also writes extensively on use of technology in education.

Education & Tech

Education & Tech: News for Educators

  • Learning in most conventional education settings is a passive experience: The students listen. But at the most innovative schools, classes are ‘hands-on,’ and students are creators, not mere consumers. They acquire skills and knowledge while solving a problem, creating a product or generating a new understanding. – Tony Wagner

  • The word engineer comes from the same root as the word ingenuity, and describe someone who uses their ingenuity, their knowledge of science and maths, and their ability to deal with complexity to design solutions to problems.

    It is also acceptable to refer to someone who is in charge of an engine as an engineer, although that use of the word has fallen out of fashion as engines have become simpler to operate.

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