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Education & Tech: News for Educators 04/19/2015

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The Intersection of Mobile Gaming and Education

By Jennifer Thayer

Worlds of their own - Photo by Simon Blackley
Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet knows that the mobile game industry is a juggernaut. The amount of titles is seemingly endless, and most people seem to have five, 10, or even 20 games downloaded onto their devices.

The genres that these games cover are just as diverse and prevalent as the titles themselves. This breadth in mobile titles has opened up the gaming community to entirely new demographics.

One area of gaming, though, manages to put up a fight with little fanfare or public adoration. In fact, this one genre that many give so little thought to happens to be one of the industry's most popular – the educational mobile game.

Educational Titles Are Taking Off Like Rocket Ships

Market data shows that the popularity of educational game titles continues to rise with each passing year. Currently a $1.5B market, some experts believe that educational titles will account for approximately $2.3B in revenue by 2017. Mind you, 2017 isn't in some far-off future; quite the contrary, it's right around the corner. That a market could enjoy roughly 60 percent growth in just two years is nothing short of staggering.

But why this surge in popularity? Well, there's no one answer, but two things that helped pave the way: There were the greater accessibility that mobile devices users were able to afford, and the leap in technology that made it possible to put the world at your fingertips.

Smarter Processors Help Drive Smarter Games

Whereas traditional gaming consoles limited access to video games – partly by design, but partly as a result of cost considerations – mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make it possible for anyone and everyone to play video games.

The incredible gaming performance applied to processors of mobile manufacturers is helping drive the development of new games (and yes, this includes educational games). There are literally hundreds and hundreds of educational titles to choose from, and that only counts the games that you have to pay for! In truth, there's no shortage of options for parents and schools who are interested in game-based learning.

Is This Really a Good Thing? Educational Titles Being So Popular?

Inevitably, the question will be asked, Are these games actually effective educational tools? Or are they just wolves in sheep's clothing? In other words, are they educational on the surface, but mindless at their core? Well, to provide a blanket answer to that question would probably be a bit disingenuous – after all, there's bound to be some stinkers in the bunch, right? – but it has been shown conclusively that games can positively affect and benefit learning.

Cognitive games can help improve memory and brain function, and beyond that, games with an educational bent can actually teach. It's important to remember that educational games don't have to be limited to puzzles, math problems, and memory tests.

Education & Tech

Gal(xyz) to Allow Kids Learn Science While They Play

Surely this is not the very first note about games in the classroom you are reading about. As you know, many of the so called learning games are technically sound, but visually unappealing.

Galxyz (Beta) is an intergalactic science adventure free iPad game. The game is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), currently being widely adopted across the United States, as well as a deep partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences.

The World Economic Forum has ranked the United States 52nd in quality of science education, and 5th (and declining) in overall global competitiveness. Yet, as we all know the 21st century will require a workforce with a firm grounding in science thinking and practices.

Storytelling has always been the main vehicle for the transmission of information at all times. Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, a cognitive neuroscientist and the author of Who’s in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain(2011) asserts that narrative gives our memories context and cohesion.

And science is not other thing than facts connected by a context we all share.

Beginning as an alien child from an abandoned, icy planet, students will rise to become intergalactic space adventurers on a quest to defy the wicked King Dullard.

Students start by learning about Science Practices, then go on to Properties of Matter; Chemical Reactions; Interdependencies in Ecosystems, and beyond. They'll be able to discover another 100+ particles, released one by one. Kids can create up to three different users, so everyone gets to play at their own pace!

Digital mobile media is everywhere and students around the world are using it more and more everyday. From smartphones to tablets, from computers to video games, digital media is an ever-present, fully integrated part of our academic lives.

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Milton Ramirez

Education & Tech: News for Educators

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7 Speedy Ways to Outrun Your Class Toppers

By Alison Cerys*

Meditation by Alice Popkorn on Flickr
In today's competitive world, students have to enhance their knowledge and skills to compete with their class fellows during academic assessments. This is because it’s vital for students to achieve the A-grade throughout their academic life for a secure career. Unfortunately many students are unaware of effective strategies that could enable them to achieve the best grades in every academic assessment with full confidence. If you want to be a proactive student to earn A-grade in every test then below is great advice for you.

Time Management
Just like confidence time management also play a vital role in the academic performance of students. With a solid command on time management skills, any student can manage his/her class assignments in the best way. Normally students are overwhelmed with numbers of class projects but with good timing you could easily ready them before deadlines.

Read Educational Blogs
If you want to strengthen your knowledge, then you should read educational blogs on a daily basis. Educational blogs are the best source of information as it allows the students to enhance their vocabulary on every topic. With the advancement in technology students are benefited by number of online educational blogs that are facilitating student to become competitive.

Develop Semester Plan
Planning makes the man perfect. Don’t just read this quote instead implement it in your life to perform at peak level. Semester plan would lead you in the right direction throughout your semesters to earn the best results. At the start of academic year ensure to prepare a plan to accomplish your all academic targets perfectly.

Raise Your Confidence
In order to perform like proactive student, you have to take your confidence to a high level. Believe it or not confidence is the key element behind the success of any student. If you want to be excel in academic life than you should boost your confidence. Confident students always persuade their teachers to reward them with A-grade.

Break the Barriers
Break all barriers that distract you while you study. We all know that it is very difficult for students to focus on study while they are surrounded by a number of barriers. Remove all barriers like social media and smart phones to concentrate on studies completely. With full focus, you can easily understand the new lessons with your own efforts.

Be Organised
Proactive students are well-organised that's why they perform every task in the best manner. Whether you're enrolled in a college or in high school, you have to become organised to earn A-grades. By doing this, you can perfectly perform every task to achieve excellent results. Otherwise it would become a nightmare for you to beat class toppers with your competitive skills and knowledge.

Use Digital Tools
Nowadays it's common to see students using latest gadgets in classroom activities. 21st century scientists are facilitating students with smart tools to strengthen their knowledge. With digital tools you can easily and clearly understand any boring class lecture. So, it's better for you to engage digital tools in every class project than to ruin your career with a bad results.

In the end, it could be concluded that by reading the advice shared above anyone could easily become a proactive student to earn A-grade in every academic year.

(*) Alison Cerys is a proficient content writer of Dissertation Works who assist students 24/7/365. Presently, she is assisting students who want dissertation help service uk at Dissertation Works to outrun class toppers.

Education & Tech

Learn How To Enhance Learning Experience In A Flipped Classroom With 5 Best Tools

By Ashley Sanford*

Flipped classroom teaching is a new and much-hyped concept in education. It should not be considered as a substitute to a teacher but also a helpful tool to enhance teaching-learning process and make it effective. This teaching method provides a new platform to both the teachers and students to bring more engagement in studies, in the classroom.

With the help of this interactive method, students learn all the basics at home and become ready for efficient participation in class and therefore, study more effectively than ever. So, if you are interested in turning your class into a flipped classroom, take a look at the following 5 most commonly used tools below:

  • 1. VoiceThread
  • It is one of the best tools for making mini-lectures interesting and fun. Teachers can create narrated slide shows for delivering the lecture and use images and different kinds of media to grab attention of students. It also provides opportunities for students to interact by adding comments to the slide shows.
  • 2. Wikispaces
  • It is a free web tool which is designed to provide individuals, particularly students to share their thoughts, work and edit work with others. With wikispaces, teachers can create accounts for their students in bulk for free. Wikispaces is now being used around the world by teachers to enhance learning among their students. It can be used for:

    - Comprehensive exercises like online short questions and answers
    - Language, grammar and vocabulary exercises
    - Feedback and correction of wrong answers given by students

  • 3. Poll Everywhere
  • It is a great tool to be used in a flipped classroom as it helps students to gather feedback by and from other students regarding any important assignment or academic activity. The scope of this tool is not just limited to classroom but extends to conferences as well where an instant feedback or opinion is needed. This tool gives control in the hands of students and enables them to stay up to date with important work at school.
  • 4. FlipGrid
  • FlipGrid is a free tool that lets teachers create questions and make links for grid. With the motto 'relax and discuss' this tool allows students and teachers to hold an interactive learning session. It is very easy to use; just a two-minute tutorial on the page easily guides students about the entire process. Its colourful and initiative design gives a pleasant learning experience to students and enables them to learn quick brainstorming. The 90 second response helps students learn to formulate distilled ideas efficiently while considering alternative views and ideas submitted by other class fellows simultaneously.
  • 5. Edmodo
  • Edmodo is the most popular tool used by teachers, students and parents around the world for a great communication and learning experience. It is by far the best tool for injecting life into dull and boring old curriculums. It helps students develop the habit of taking initiatives. The option of creating a co-classroom (joint learning venture with students from around the world) enables students to learn from each other, and diversity of ideas makes their thinking process efficient and productive.

    The unique feature that makes this tool popular among masses is that it enables teachers to interact with students and their parents simultaneously. Teachers can update class schedules, lectures, assignment due dates, coursework details and make other important announcements easily without inviting each and every parent to school.
According to initial studies, all these tools have helped students learn better and retain information for a longer period of time. The best thing about usage of tools in classroom is that they save time, increase interest of students in topic and have proved useful for students of all age groups including primary school to post-graduation students.

(*) Ashley Sanford is an editor and Quality assurance manager who supervises dissertation writers from Peak Dissertation. You can follow her on Twitter.

Education & Tech
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