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Mission Statement

Our Purpose 

The digital world has opened up new audiences well beyond established education traditional media along with journalism. We believe that readership of administrators, policy leaders, educators, and students have enabled the education professional (teachers and educators) to have their own voice connecting with their communities, readers online, and getting in touch through social technology.

Our Mission

Education & Tech is a professional website that provides editorial coverage on K-12 education, higher education, research, analysis, and opinion. We are relentlessly committed to an excellent education based on tech talent and social technologies. We think is possible to deliver for all people and our mission is to inspire and empower the formation of a new citizen enabling him abundance not only spiritually but economically.

Core Values

Editorial projects in Education confront challenges as all media organizations in the 21st century. These opportunities can be met under three core values: Innovate trying to always respond to the 'What if," raising the level of understanding of the education role, and elevating the discourse on critical issues in American education with outsized passion.