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Not Server Found -Error 404

I was trying to change the layout that I've got, thanks to Diddy, and suddenly this scary message showed up. My blog still is in Blogspot but what seems to happen is something went wrong with Godaddy, the host. If for some reason you are lucky to read this post, I will gladly appreciate any input. I can't be holding all day for my blog, but I will be back very soon!

 I am not using anymore the GoDady hosted address, it seems that something went wrong while trying to move up from this blog and follow our friend's recommendation, BB. Now, check out the message I am getting from the old blog.miltonramirez.com and the supposed lookout I've got when switching to www.educationandtech.com. Obviously, I just made a mistake. 

 Anybody able to help me out on this one? I will pay 10 linkbacks for such a great service. What about it? And if it is free, God will throw you many blessing on yourself!

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  1. your situation does not look good.i want to help. Do you think the upload of EboNeo might have precipitated this or some other glitch?

    I tried you labels list and they do not seem to work either. I also see that there is no label display. What kind of messages did you get during the upload or just after.

  2. heya...sorry 4 the slow pick up.....the problem started after the attempt to tranfer to a custom domain. sorry about that. You can ignore the first comment but I would like to help if possible.

  3. Thanks Diddy, as you can see Labels are working now and I've figure it out a way around the www. but still it's not redirecting to blog.miltonramirez.com

  4. Es raro...

    Puedo acceder desde el link que te puse en "Revolutum" (es el último link que te hice... por si puede dar alguna pista), pero no desde otros... en otros sitios me sale el "Error 404" y "Not Found"...

    Esto de los servidores... es el timo de la estampita.

    Aunque tengo la suerte de poder seguir entrando a tu blog, espero que pronto puedas resolver el tema. ¡Mucha suerte!
    (Siento no poder ayudar... de estas cosas de servidores no entiendo ni pío).

  5. Uf... deja, deja: que tontería más gorda he dicho en el mensaje anterior... porque la última dirección es la nueva, la del "trasvase". Por eso puedo ver tu blog ahora y no desde la anterior dirección... que no hay forma, efectivamente, de que redireccione.

    Si antes del Domingo no te redirecciona la antigüa, y si te parece bien, puedo cambiar los links que te puse a éste... es que no me llevo nunca el pc de vacaciones... y no quiero que, entretanto, pierdas lectores, al menos los que puedan entrar en tu casa desde mis blogs... Cuéntame qué te parece y hago lo que mejor te venga, ¿vale?. Saludos. :)

  6. Thanks for reporting such a valuable info Junio. I am still struggling with this matter.

  7. No hagas más: ¡Lo arreglaste!.
    Ahora se puede entrar en tu casa desde todas las direcciones.
    Redirecciona (valga la redundancia) estupendamente :)

    Ahora sí: ¡Felices vacaciones! y hasta Septiembre (si no me echa de la playa el mal tiempo).

  8. Thanks again Junio, I won't messed up twice. Have a super vacations!

  9. about your expandable post problem. have you tried this http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/2007/07/hacks-broken-again-google-gives-up-too.html.
    Try and see if it does not solve your problem

  10. Hi. BB here.

    I just discovered this post. You should have emailed me earlier and I would have got to you sooner.

    Clearly something has gone wrong. It works for me and countless others as well.

    Whenever you are debugging a problem you have to go back to the very beginning and go through each step again until you find the problem, so you should read my post again.

    The "blog" subdomain is controlled by putting a redirect in the "A Record". Make certain that you put it there exactly as I show in the pic pointing to the same IP address.

    If you are certain it is correct then the problem must be at GoDaddy's end. Give them a call and ask for 'Art'.

    He is a supervisor and knows what he's doing. He should be able to fix it for you and be sure to tell him Blog Bloke sent you.