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Relationship Isn't Everything. But Still Wins It

Yesterday's post has generated a few comments form a very select group of readers. I do agree the relationship created through socialnetworking or Social Media is not the only thing needed to become a respected blogger, it is also true you have to write properly and present a quality's content. Nobody is asking to be a Terrence Denman but certainly all you need is giving right exposure to your content. TonNet cannot have a picture along with Jason Calacanis for he's not the famous e influential person. This blog is not even in the academic circle of Higher Education and doesn't claim to into the educational or technological expertise. However we expect to be among the A-List bloggers and rank close to Gizmodo and Micropersuasion. The big question is How I will get it?

Praveen who's gained respect not only for being a web designer or post about a way to remove your navbar from your Blogger blogs and he's a good example of all what is being said about how to grow a blog and promote your weblogs.

Saskboy makes a list of what we consider true and useful. How with fortune you will grow your blog:

* Join more blogrolls and aggregators and link games like memes.
* Create something everyone wants to link to, and talk about.
* Write super well, and always in a clever funny way so everyone likes you and
subscribes to your feed.
* Americanize the blog content. (My theory is that if I get 200 readers by writing about Canadian/world news, I’d get about ten times that (2000/day) by writing as well, about American/world news/entertainment.)
* Become famous in real life, and then blog about whatever it is you do that made you famous.
* Offer readers cool prizes that depend on them visiting your blog often.
* Change your blogging habits or skills, because whatever you’re doing now, won’t get any better if you’ve been doing it for a year the same way.
* Make lots of good lists, because bloggers love lists. Also make lots of contacts, and try not to get onto their bad side (unless they suck {and even then try to be nice}).

I've drop off like two items which I don't agree at all, but you can check the source for a complete list of this Canadian Computer Scientist.

Until you decide which way is best for you, please remember: Content is not enough! And I am not talking about flagshit either.

Does anyobody thought about compelling content? Joe Hayes does!

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  1. To me, sincerity is more important than content. I rather read the blog of a mother showing pictures of her new baby and asking simple questions, than the blog of a wise expert giving a lecture to his or her readers.

    Each one of us is unique and get motivated by different situations, but I agree with the speakers telling us to be the source and forget about wanting anything, because our wishes can only grow every time we think about them.

  2. Hi,
    Thanx for the mention