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Pixel 2000 Bloggers!

The Thinking Blog has made a step forward with the 2000 bloggers of Tino Buntic. The new baby project as he likes to call it, is Happy Pixel Hunting, a project in progress, though. Keep visiting his blog to get the updates when the project is complete, as he promised.

You can hunt us in the position 503. Not so hard fo find it if you remember the basics of computing areas.


No more mind breaking or opt outs.

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  1. Another mind-breaking experience TonNet? ...I had enough!

  2. No more Fernando. All this meme thingy ends here. I Know. I'be been receiving a lot of hits from pages that has nothing to do with our niche. Your opinion is worth a million words explanation.

  3. Hey TonNet! I'm glad you liked my Pixel 2000 Bloggers idea. LOL.. by the way, the name of my "baby project" is Pixel 2000 Bloggers! Happy pixel hunting is a term I used to mean have fun trying to find your own pixel ;)

  4. Hello there, I have opted out of the 2000 blogger list and now I get the joy of contacting all those who have added the code and requesting that my photo and link to my website be removed. Could you please see that my picture and link are removed and could you please email me when it has been removed? Thank you!

    Rose DesRochers