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Wednesday E&T Round Up

I am not in a good mood to spent time writing today. So excuse me for today but take a look of all this jewels already apread around the internet.

. You might be able to read Global Voices Online in Twitter. Kool!

. You surely like to subcribe to many blogs, but do you know what it will be the future of RSS. Now at least a have a clue.

. Are you a teacher? Well, then think twice when your teaching either English or Math. Wow! Tell this to a HS Teacher!

. Becareful Hillay. We already have evidence Obama has raised 25 millions!.

. Love to check out the buzz on searching? There you go, Live Search adds Firefox 3D support.

. I don't blog or link for money, status, pagerank or any other silly crap like that, because I have a life. So, 'Many talk the talk, but only a few walk the walk.' Share the love.

. Are you still jealous of Google develompent? That's nothing. Check its Global Domination Project.

. Don't always hate Windows. They've got better with those Automatic Updates.

. Can Podcasts or Videocasts ever challenge or replace the power of the written word online? Mmmm...Does readership really matter?. Too many questions but no answers.

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