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For All Our Fallen Man!

Please do not disregard the courageous ladies in this Memorial Day!

I was talking with a friend o mine yesterday and I started to think that all you need is a great idea. Why after many months writing in your blogs, you can't start monetizing on it? Is it the process that took off YouTube, Friendster, Xobni, isn't it? So, why you don't try to get some income from Payperpost, ReviwMe or Agloco!

Of course as our friend told us we need to optimize our blog in the very first place. You won't need to have more outgoing links than those incoming to yours. Try to link to sources with a higher PR. And follow a decent policy of linking in places like Digg.

We also have the oportunity to go along with those conferences that are becoming more of a relationship with a trusted source, and less of a casual encounter, such as Elearnspacelikes to call it. In order to get income our blogs need to have a very reasonable traffic which in turn needs to be created with such relationships, comments, quality, frecuency, steadiness and length ot each of your posts!

Not to mention the wide diversity of audience you will attend and you'll have to reach!

Now, dear friend of mine it seems like this is a faulty post for our pourposes. Why? Because I have seven outgoing links and only one is incoming...!

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