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Manual To Success

I was reading my Bloglines subscription and I've found pretty much interesting the history written by Nancy Mitchell about the history of an student in Denver which might be a good example of perseverance that many of us lack up. For those ouside the US.these week many Senior just graduated from High School and were having fun this Friday night.

No is the case for Julissa Torrez. This is a poem she wrote to honor her hard working mom:

Parents don't go to games
go home being ashamed
food stamps to Medicaid parents putting their kids in fame
we are all the same
poor, slang, hustlas
we are all each others customers.

Does she try to answer all these questions?

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  1. ¡Que fuerte! Es muy triste la realidad de alguno de nuestros alumnos.
    Gracias por pasar por mi blog. Te agradezco la visita. A propósito, tengo un nuevo blog. Empece a desarrollarlo hoy, esta en proceso de prueba. Ve a ver que te parece, y luego me cuentas.