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Mobile Banking and Why Students Don't Love to Go Online in Cell Phones

Technology is inexorably tied to progress, but when it busts into our lives and subtly tells us that we're doing something that might help "us" in our daily activities we've got think in new ways to use and spend money. Cindy Aleo-Carreira has written an article under Banking 2.0 and is in this post where she is pointing out a new service that I think will change that way the banks operate, besides PayPal, eBay, Kiva and Google itself. She is talking about Obopay or the money transfer by cell phones!

This new service has nothing to do with the research results with the use of Internet in UK youngsters. Students are typically early adopters of services such as mobile Internet, and the trial clearly demonstrates that operators should address such issues as downtime, web page layout and rich web functionality.

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  1. Online banking is one good way of enhancing our system of payment. Using it in celphone probably cost some. It's probably why students are not interested in this idea.

  2. I Think Is a good idea too... veremos si funciona...y no vengan los hackers y nos dejen en bancarota...

  3. I agree that students are early adopters of new technology like the services of the internet and it's surprising that they don't love to go online on cell phones. It's probably an issue based on service charge.