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My Thoughts About Politics, Education and YouTube

I am not quite sure if this happening only on my mind but it seems like our politicians are not talking straight about minorities in the U.S. First, they play with the interest of million of undocumented people making noise in the Senate and leaving things same as before. Not Immigration Reform!. But, these very same politicians who haven't voted for the Immigration Reform in the Senate try to play Hispanics saying they speak Spanish in some cases and in others turning down Spanish Networks as Univision. In other words, Presidential Candidates Flunked Spanish.

Did you know that blogging can make you smarter? I don't think after many hours blogging my neurons are working better or faster. I am not sure. Somebody else can say something for our own benefit?

Now I have an Sony Ericsson 810i and very unfortunate about the Mobile YouTube. I can see nothing in the screen because the player ever starts. At the beginning I thought it was my cellphone the faulty one, but after reading some other complains, I've come to the conclusion that we’re a long way from getting mobile apps on cell phones that work.

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  1. Hello

    It bother me, the inmigration reform, most of all because i am Mexican and i want the best for my Mexicans.

    I know that is not the best or better educated people (the inmigrants) but your blessed that we choose your country to inmigrate, USA should look for the benefits for the country and for the inmigrants.

    Well that are my thougths

    (sorry for my English)