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Open Search: Jimmy Wales Says!

Hey, we all love the concept of open source. It excites us. Despite the fact that the vast majority of computer users rely on creations born of a proprietary nature for most. In an ideal world, everything should be “open”. I’m sure you’d agree. If not. please make me eat my words.

From Ubuntu to Wikipedia. I am sure you all are familiar with these names. The brainchild of Jimmy Wales has grow prominently and is one of the most widespread online sources. He also has wikia for business porpouse and lately has being said he's bought LookSmart. Why? Because he's thinking of a Open Search Machine, a new search engine that focuses on quality results, rather than complete and total crawling. "Search is part of the fundamental structure of the Internet and should be transparent and open." says Wales.
According to Reuters, "The new Wikia search service will combine computer-driven algorithms and human-assisted editing when the company launches a public version of the search site toward the end of 2007".

However, according to search analyst Greg Sterling, he has doubts about how successful the venture can be. For Wikia’s open-source search engine to work, he said, the quality of search results will have to stand out. Previous open-source efforts, such as the Linux operating system, have worked and have managed to threaten proprietary technologies such as Microsoft’s Windows. But the situation with Google and an upstart like is not quite the same, Mr. Sterling said.

As for ourselves, we still have confidence in the open source. I will be a prominent user of this new project at the end of this year when it's planned to be launched.

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