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Creating readers: What's the difference between blogging and writing

The self-described "book whisperer" has been writing a series of three articles in the Teacher Magazine. She's presenting reader-engagement techniques in her first article. The second one has to be with process of motivating reluctant readers and last one where she discusses a good way to create in-class reading time and how to raise test scores in reading. Donalyn Miller, also includes a list of thirteen recommended books that should be read before you turn 13.

All those top recommendations are planned to be run in 6th graders. But 5th graders also have a saying not only after exercised their reading skills but after being coached by a good teacher. Clarence Fisher post about what his students had understood in the very first days of class about what it means to be writing and blogging at the same time. There are three points he's quoting from his youngsters: voice, safety and culture. Please if you want to follow up in the development of his class you might want to follow Shyla, Kate or Michael blogs. Remember though, they are only about 10 years old which a 5th grader is this far.

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