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The Economist Debates Education -K12Online07

Education is a resource every country should pay close attention and the next moth two events are coming and are related to the Educational businesses. BizDeansTalk speaks of a The Economist organizing what they called Debate Series, five propositions have now been short-listed to address the most far-reaching and divisive aspects of the education debate: the place of foreign students in higher education; the position of corporate donors; and the role of technology in today's classrooms. The highest ranking propositions will be debated, with the first launching on Oct 15th.

The following are the propositions:

1. This house believes that the continuing introduction of new
technologies and new media adds little to the quality of most

2. This house proposes that governments and universities everywhere
should be competing to attract and educate all suitably-qualified
students regardless of nationality and residence.

3. This house believes that companies donate to education mainly to win
public goodwill and there is nothing wrong with this.

4. This house believes that the "digital divide" is a secondary problem
in the educational needs of developing countries.

5. This house believes that social networking technologies will bring
large changes to educational methods, in and out of the classroom.

In the other hand, October 8th, the k12 Online Conference 2007 is coming. I wasn't tagged but I would love to spread the word of mouth and list my three reason why I might be in such a conference:

1. Opportunities to meet new educational big tanks.
2. Learn at your own pace, in your own space.
3. Is your school district offering professional development at this level?

There might be more (there are for sure) reasons to attend. Welcome all educators.

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  1. This shocked me!
    "the "digital divide" is a secondary problem in the educational needs of developing countries..."

    Is it so? can it be?

  2. I cannot be Alvaro but those are their prorities!

    As for my own experiences the 'digital divide' is the main issue en developing countries. More to say?