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Firefox goes mobile and how to date offline!

This is note today hit all sites and blogs I guess. And being an active user of Firefox I can be less than happy. Why? Because as they justify the mobile platform for Firefox, all people now a day use Internet in their mobile devices, so far FireFox is the most popular open-source browser; and, many companies already run Firefox in their phones such as NokiaN800, Ubuntu Mobile, and the Intel Internet Project.

Hector Russo during his daily searching had found a very useful tool in terms of online collaboration built by former students of Berkeley University. The project is called Vyew and as owners say: "Vyew is a FREE online meeting service that brings people and content together. Use Vyew to host LIVE conferences or collaborate over time, asynchronously(a fancy word for 'at your own convenience')."

Now, what this dating thing has to do with technology? Nothing. It's just a way to close this post with something very human and just in case some of our readers still need some guidance or advice in this field. Are you tired of online dating?. Check out the 25 ways to find a date offline, single oriented, though.

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