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Global Voices Online It's Not Only About Human Rigths

Global Voices Online holds in the media by itself and it doesn't need any support because its own team, the editors, bloggers and translators worldwide are doing it. GVO aim to get information spread where normally the heavy media doesn't have access or doesn't want to get to it. Today, we were reading a post from Scobleizer where he respectfully says that Global Voices Online "is the right blog to keep up with human rights blogging from around the world". We want to say, being part of the authors of Global Voices that citizenjournalism goes beyond Human Rights. Yes, we do concern about what's going on with poor and speechless people but GVO certainly explain plain clearly what are their goals. Why you don't spent a few minutes and please read the About Page of the website.

So, why some bloggers don't have a say about Kenya incidents? Is it only the Tech blogs that are being quiet?

Click to participate in The 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey...In the education arena, David Warlick remind us of The 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey. This is the second annual survey Scott McLeod has designed and it's online and for all those educators linked to educational matters, please head up and spent some worthy time completing such a valuable bank of information.

Hurry up! The deadline for this years participation is January 26, 11:00pm, (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) See last year results here.

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  1. Thanks for helping publicize the survey. Much, much appreciated!

  2. Not a problem Scott, it was a pleasure both, take it and publicize it.