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Experience: An Online Continuing Education Case

I've been reading few interesting blogs about librarians and what their work is in this field. Examples of good blogs are theshiftedlibrarian.com or libraryclips.blogsome.com and today I just 'discover' techessence.info and one of the authors wrote a post that brings our attention to something all professionals in Education need it and lack of most of the times. It's the professional development and the advantages of continuous education programs.

Meredith Farkas, share with us how hard is for him to find time and schedule a continuing education advancement. Being a Professor or a plain educator requires lot of dedication time, it's not only the time you have to 'speak' in class but the reading and research it takes for you to be updated and on top your subjects.

This is the time when reading blogs needs to be graduated and simplified; setting time for reading books is extremely hard. Could it the reason less and less young readers find pleasure in flipping the book's sheets? Continuing education is the key. As for librarians he mentions two cases of professional development: Learning 2.0 and Five Weeks to a Social Library.

Those are their cases, I wonder how can regular teachers get updated on the change of trends in technology in the classrooms, new pedagogical conceptions, efficient methodologies for each subject and comprehensive understanding of web 2.0 My take is all teachers need to create social networks that point to one single objective: Get a better educational system.

When I just finished my studies in the university I just to go to almost every seminar, course or anything that will make my career as important as I thought it should be. However, after years I can barely assist to anything that it's not online and then, again I have to say you can keep up with your professional development at your own peace even when you can catch up things as quick as many would love to do it.

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