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Owyang: Using Twitter as Social Computer

Jeremiah Owyang is a Web Strategist based in SF Bay Area and I've been subscribed to his feed a while now and of course reading everyday his updates. With today's posts he comes to conclude something everyone is doing but not in technical terms as he's put it, read and pay close attention:

Recently, I was at a swanky restaurant in SF, a CEO was picking up the tab so I could order whatever I wanted. I asked folks on Twitter “what should I order at Restaurant X” I received several responses, and immediately noticed a pattern and ordered the ribs with confidence, it was a success.

I frequently ask questions about what people think about in the news, I often receive popular opinion back from politics, tech issues, and other question. There’s a lot of gray answers here, but it’s a quick way to scan and obtain the variety of opinions about a particular topic. This method fuels the start of my initial research phase, I can get all the ideas on on a table, then hone in on the ideas that matter.

Lastly, referral content is shared, topics spread and people will offer up new suggestions, related content that isn’t necccearily going to be found in a web search.

Again, I have my account in Twitter but normally I am not using it and exploiting as many experienced ones are doing it. I guess, Jeremiah's post will oblige me to re-think my posture in about this so popular microblogging tool and now a 'social computer'

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