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Q&A: Have you ever tried it before?

I have loved reading some of the questions and answers from A Tipical Thoughts. While blogging and after reading so many stuff from my reader I have learned so much about fellow bloggers and the idea of bloggers like Tipp are of encouragement because they have opened up to have anything asked about them.

How much you know about a fellow blogger you read almost every day?

So, in Tipp's words "let’s have a go at it!

Ask away people. Any questions. You will get a straight answer, if I choose to pick yours.

Anyone, anywhere can participate!

Friends and family from “back home”, Bloggy friends, Real life friends.

You will probably never get this opportunity again so do it now!

Those of you who are out there who are lurking, show yourselves! I don’t care if you are an old enemy (really there are only about two people out there that would qualify for such a title so what are the odds they are you, no really, try me!), a stranger, someone from way-back, whoever- ask away!"

Just in case, I've wrote something related here.

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