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What's Worst: Abandon a Weblog Or Stay in the Echo Chambers?

Two posts of fellow bloggers had been in our spotlight, not the one about selling a Twitter account which bids in eBay over pass the one thousand dollars and going up!

One of these post was written by Sumesh and he claims that most bloggers are only echoing the blogosphere, in fact, he says "Blogs like TechCrunch and ArsTechnica often get inside scoops of upcoming events, and post them to their blogs." but justify at the same time, that echoing for large blogs as the well know TechCrunch.

This assertion comes in had with that one written a while now by Rubel and that we commented here. Certainly we have to agree with both Sumesh and Rubel about the laziness and the echo chambered situation; unfortunately, as the same Steve wrote on these days about how the blogosphere was plagued by marketers which of course damages the quality of what's been said in the blogosphere, because those persons are interested not in info and freshness of content but hits and advertisement. Some had make prognosis of the over saturation of Internet into ten years. How this spam blogs and mirrors and the best cases are helping to this phenomena? I invite you to scratch an answer.

Now, if blogosphere is being affected by unimportant blogs, what will happen with those who decide to migrate platform, erase a blog or simply open an account, but after a few days or months decide it is not worth to keep writing on their respective pages? The answer is being elaborated by a prestigious Spanish network, the Spanish Blogger Union (UBH - June 2009), the editor of this mega blog thinks nobody should erase a blog and her post is addressed particularly to free hosting blogs such as Blogger and Wordpress. Carmen, the editor suggests, she'd found many cases where old domains were re-owned for people who are not doing a good use of the Internet. When people erase a blog in Blogspot, somebody else can get the subdomain, a matter that it's not an issue in Worpress because they don't allow new users to take over old subdomains.

From our personal experience, we can add not only you shouldn't erase your blog but when editing content don't just change it, write o note that explains you had introduced some change either, the post or title of a post. Why? Because it will be prejuicial of other bloggers who already wrote a link back to you.

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