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Blogger in Draft: New Features Explained

The Internet has changed and keeps things changing every day. Five years now, I had the opportunity to meet young interesting people worldwide, thanks to the hacks it was possible to introduce to the old Blogspot platform.

All of these talented guys had stopped working on the new Blogger platform, although they still keep blogging on particular issues developed by Google people and its Blogger in draft fancy project. 

Some remain giving out advice on how to teak Blogspot templates. We used to collect all templates we thought deserved special attention. Lately, however, we've also given it a stop. The reason, there are lots of templates out there where you can pick and start running your own blog almost immediately. Great bloggers provide this missed assistance nowadays: BlogU , Beautiful Beta, and Bloggerbuster.

 It's hard to explain in a single post, all three new features offered since last week in Blogger in Draft, at least we can begin with the explanations from Felisha Fernandez, who's currently finishing her last year of Masters in Computer Science at the Ateneo de Manila University. Random Detoxification is her blog and she's worked out one of the features we're talking about here. How to embed a Comment Box in Blogger.

Head over her blog to learn how to deal with it. Be aware, though, this how-to works only with Blogger in Draft enabled, " If, however, you downloaded a customized Blogger template from another site or made your own changes to the template, doing this won't work", she explains. What are the blogs you've found useful in order to build your blog on Blogger?

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