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Edublogs.tv   launched on Wednesday and they have 1137 Videos Watched!

We've already posted on Edublogs but, this weekend while we set aside some time to read our subscriptions, we've found Edublogs joins in to the big leagues in provinding video hosting (TeacherTube, YouTube, Blip.tv). This is really useful beacuse teachers need their very own channel.

The next screenshot, shows the progress of Edublogs.tv from Wednesday night to Saturday after noon:

The ideant of 'transforming teaching, learning and leadership through the strategic application of technology", Miguel Guhlin shares his experiences using the brand new service and he still looks for some answers: a) How many video/audio files can be stored in an account? How much space? I'm looking for a replacement for Podomatic.com, on which I'm about to reach the 500 meg limit for my podcasts; b) When will Creative Commons integration -great question Derekeb tweeted- be added to this? c)Can we change "My Music" to "My Podcasts?" d) Could you make the description box a bit bigger? It would be nice to paste in URLs to the text that goes with it; e) Is it possible to embed images in the podcast description? and, f) How about adding recently uploaded audio/podcasts to the front page, in addition to the list of videos there?

James Farmer was paying attention to Edublogs.tv buzz and he already aswered some of Mike questions in a comment posted in Around the Corner, administrated by Guhlin.

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