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Web 2.0.: Social Media Strategies

Ken Steele, in his presentation to the 2008 AARAO Conference, 'Diverse Perspectives: A New Generation of Students', has written an interesting and lengthy presentation on how universities and colleges can connect with learners who are educated and active in social technologies.

Academicgroup.com gives it credit on Connecting with the Facebook Generation: Social Media Strategies for Web 2.0 [pdf]. Here the most relevant paragraph:

"Web 2.0 is already old hat for today’s high school students, who take for granted the streaming video of YouTube, photo-sharing on Flickr, the three-dimensional experience of virtual worlds like Second Life, and “always-on” friendships via Twitter and Facebook. What should guidance and admissions professionals know about social media, and how can they leverage social networks as a potentially powerful channel for communicating with a new generation"

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