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Writing With a Purpose: Four Ways to Let your Kids Learning it!

This is one of the reason why the internet is fantastic, you can get in touch with unimaginable sources that teach you and inspire you. Today, while reading our subscriptions I came across to this post written by the editor of Higher Up and Further In. Lindafay was asked a question by one of her readers and she elaborates her answer recurring to personal experiences that we think can benefit more that her reader alone.

The question was: "I was wondering what your advice would be to get a 12 yr old going in writing. I have neglected this a bit (Ok maybe a lot) and now heading into 7th grade I really need to get him going :) I've been looking over all your narration/composition posts trying to come up with a plan for my 8 yo so we don't end up in the same situation. Thanks for all the great info on your blog!"

I also have a sixth grader with some problems on spelling and if you happen to read this post, I will be glad if you can suggest anything to improve my son's inconveniences.

The inspired by Charlotte Mason Education, writes about the success of her children in the process of writing. She recommends the following activities (We've added only one more):

1. Daily oral and written narrations - In order to become a good writer, everyone must put in their time. Have your son begin writing on a daily basis. Start slow, maybe beginning with just a paragraph a day, but keep raising the bar.

2. I let my children write about their interests as much as possible - No one wants to write about something that bores them...so, even if you are using a writing program, don't be afraid to change the topics to suit your son's interests.

3. Children need an audience - Knowing that they have an audience it makes them keenly aware of their spelling and grammar errors. Everyone loves some show off. Let them do it.

4. Go beyond homework
- Teachers have assignments and they need to be completed but the daily narrations are based on your son's personal interests.

Knowinly that your kid loves to play electronics (Gameboy, Playstation, PSP, etc, it's better that you take some of that time and put him to work on his own benefit. Reading and writing time is about you. They (kids) cannot stop playing those games until you made them stop. Do it so, and distribute his/ her time.

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