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Google News’ Technology. It’s Awful

Google Break News, Really?
Education Breaking News -Photo by Yodel Anecdotal.
MG Siegler & Eric Eldon are tech news junkies. In order to be any good at what they do (tech blogging), they kind of have to be. A tech news junky’s best friend is an RSS reader - We (as much as they) troll hundreds of sources and thousands of stories on a daily basis looking for that one piece of news worth covering. But sometimes, that simply isn’t feasible all the time, you need an aggregator.

Many of us in the tech community know and love Techmeme -We do prefer Twitlinks, though- a tech news aggregation site. For finding the newest tech stories that people are writing about, there’s simply nothing better. Of course, there are sites that are bigger, like Google News. But have you ever tried to use Google News’ technology section (technically called Sci/Tech) to find timely items? It’s awful

Find out about this broken new at VentureBeat

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