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Expert Predictions for the e-Learning Community

Lisa Neal Gualtieri eLearn Magazine's editor summarized what lies ahead for the e-learning community, provided by experts in this field like Stephen Downes, Jane Hart, Jay Cross, Harold Jarche and many others

From Education and Technology in Perspective:

I can do many things easier, faster, and more seamlessly than ever before—a trend that will undoubtedly continue, with significant implications for formal and especially for informal learning. But the current economic crisis and its impact on e-learning is clearly the more pervasive issue for many of my esteemed colleagues and rightly so since it affects every aspect of our lives. One change already evident is the further growth of e-learning programs in the corporate and academic sectors due to lowered costs, more convenient access, and increased demand. Enhancing one's skills is always beneficial, especially in times when opportunities abound. The limiting factor is less often technology and bandwidth and more often time.

Every year at this time we turn to the experts in our field to share their predictions on what lies ahead for the e-learning community. While our colleagues here unanimously agree the global economic downturn is the overwhelming factor coloring their forecasts, they do see a great array of opportunities and challenges in the coming 12 months. Their insights never fail to inspire further discussion and hope.

Is there any other expert left out? Please let us know

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