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Making Uses of Technology in the Classroom a Reality

Where is the best place to begin convincing teachers who don't use technology about the power of these tools?

Jim Multon at Edutopia, says that veteran teachers have great assets they can bring to the effective use of technology in the classroom, his suggestion is that they never simply toss away those years of experience and start fresh. And that's precisely the problem. Veteran teachers are not interested --most of them, on the changes of their status quo. They will prefer to stay with the overhead rather than go to training and learn how to really make technology into reality.

Anyway, Multon is emphatic declaring that the best place to begin convincing teachers to use technology in their classrooms is:

    At home -- that's my answer. You see, I think many educators are more apt to carry technology use over from their personal lives into their professional ones than to take it on as a new part of their job. A teacher who uses a digital camera to share images of a home remodel as email attachments with her grown children has begun to understand the power of digital communication in a personal way. A teacher who uses online resources to plan a trip has begun to understand the power of the Web in answering any question one is curious enough about to ask. Once they experience the power and ease of current digital photography or Web-based research in their personal lives, the stage is set for helping them bring technology into their classroom teaching.

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  1. I agree. This is kind of like when kids say "why do I even need to learn this" the second a student can relate it to real life they become that much more interested in the topic/subject. I also think it can go the other way too. If a teacher talks to another teacher and they share an idea about technology, if the teacher likes the idea then can take that back home and use it to make their personal life easier.

  2. Hi Witney and thanks for the input we've gald you start blogging yourself so we can share experiences and knowledge.

  3. You make an interesting point. I am not an experienced teacher, I've been teaching two years, but I am more comfortable incorporating technology I've had experience using.