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Schools Boards Should Open the Net

"How to convince the powers that be, that they are violating the rights of their students?"

How persuasive you have to be if you really want the school boards to open the net at your community schools? Sounds like a question behind another isn't the answer, but Ric Murry took his changes and moves forward writing a also persuasive post where he sets the scenario for what's happening in most public schools in the U.S., the filtering of non-educational resources.

We certainly agree with Mr. Murry, "If I cannot use Skype, because it is blocked by the techocracy, then I am unable to have a true expert from India speak to my class. If my students cannot have access to blogging tools, Twitter, wikis, cell phones, and other tools of the 21st century, I am teaching in a "self-contained" highly restrictive environment, and my students are being denied their rights to a quality education that will prepare them with tools they need to be contributing members of society."

What are the advantages to have a technologist hired in a public school if he can't put in practice what he knows, or even worse, teach what the students are supposed to know. Ultimately, schools are the institutions created to train students to relate socially better with their nearer environment. We have to deconstruct our school districts, so that uses of web-based technology such as gradebooks, student databases, lessons plans, are better used and become open to the good use of savvy students.

In words of C.M. Christensen, we need to disrupt our school system.

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