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Web 2.0: ‘Unlocking’ Participation Is the Key

Derek Wenmoth paraphrases a post of Jane Knight on The 6 ways to make Web 2.0 work. A while now we presented a article about the Reality and Future of the Web 2.0. There is also another post where we've said that Social Networking is condemned to die.

We think it's worth to read Knight's advice mostly directed towards those in the business world, but succintly addressed to Education by D. Wenmoth:
  • The transformation to a bottom-up culture needs help from the top.

  • The best uses come from users - but they require help to scale.

  • What’s in the workflow is what gets used.

  • Appeal to the participants’ egos and needs - not just their wallets.

  • The right solution comes from the right participants.

  • Balance the top-down and self-management of risk.

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