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Arne Duncan: 'Go Ahead And Boo Me'

I fundamentally think that our school day is too short, our school week is too short and our school year is too short

Chris Lehmann explains why David Warlick is angry about Duncan's assertion and adds: "He is right to worry that the path we're heading down does not lead to smarter, more passionate students and teachers, but rather it leads to teachers and students thinking that school is something that is done TO students, not with or for." 

But there are some other reasons to boo Mr. Duncan. Clay Burell suggests that if it were on the Secretary of Education, an 8-Year-Old Woodrow Wilson wouldn't have college for him. And he asks helping to cite a Duncan interview on the value of standards and standardized test data: "

[We have to be honest enough to] look a second-grader in the eye and tell them if they’re on track to get into a good college or not." Is it the reform we were looking for in our school system?

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