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Washington: After the First Day on NECC09

NECC09 DirectionsAs a preamble to what is coming, yesterday started the EdubloggerCon. This unique experience has been organized by Steve Hargadon. The EduBlogger Conference is the 3rd time has been organized for free, and Dr. Leigh Zeitz thinks there were 200 attendees.

Today is the 2nd. day of NECC09 and there will be many formal and informal discussions at the National Educational Computing Conference in Washington about how to turn K-12 schools into more digitally friendly learning environments in tough budget times.

I was following the event through Twitter. It was a great day. However, I still have an unanswered question. Kathy Schrock was in a session discussing her Wikipedia bias and I still don't know why she thinks so.

Dr. Z. was at k12onlineconference.org and does a wrap up of what he saw yesterday. For example, Jeff Utecht leading discussion, Is blogging really dead?

If you are 'lucky' enough to have the time and money to attend NECC, do you have any responsibility because of that privilege? Scott Meech wants to know, what is your responsibility? At his smeech.net he also lists some of his responsibilities that may help improve NECC:

    1. Bring back as much specific knowledge for how classroom teachers can embrace technology in their classroom with specific curricular examples as possible.
    2. Expand my 'Personal Learning Network' by embracing as many professional relationships as possible.
    3. Explore new strategies for approaching resistant educators and solidify my 'Elevator Speech' and 'Board of Education Messages'.
    4. Form foundations of collaboration for our district staff and myself.
    5. Take my own advice and seek out a minimum of 10 attendees that I can 'read' as complete newbies and start a conversation with them.
    6. Seek out conversations with those that can help me hone my communication and persuasive skills so I can become a 'Prophet in my own Backyard'.
    7. Balance attending presentations from those I already know and embrace conversations with those who are not embedded in the 'Walled Garden' of believers.

Sunday will be an even better day in Washington and if you aren't able to make it check NECC Live

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