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5 Characteristics Innovative Educators Should Mirror

Agatha Gilmore writes about the results from a survey of 3,500 executives over six years. According to three researchers from INSEAD, Brigham Young and Harvard, most innovative leaders possess five key discovery skills, characteristics we need in all our education administrators and why not in many , if not all, educators:

1. Associating, which is the ability to connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas from different fields.
2. Questioning, which means constantly asking “Why?” “Why not?” and “What if?” as well as always keeping an open mind.
3. Observing, which is scrutinizing the marketplace and common business phenomena, including behavior of potential customers.
4. Experimenting, which involves rigorous testing of new ideas via prototypes and pilots.
5. Networking, which means making a conscious effort to speak with and visit others to expand one’s own knowledge base.

Every teacher is an innovator. What we fail to do is to keep track of what we do every day to manage and assess our challenging classrooms.

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  1. I agree that all educators are innovators (or have the potential to be!). I think those 5 discovery skills are essential for any learners (students or teachers.. any age, any stage). The most successful learners I know make connections (associate), question, observe, experiment and network with others to maximise learning opportunities.

  2. Thanks for posting this Milton, good info to link to about being a leading learner. I'll be sharing with my staff.

  3. I don't know that I agree with "every teacher is an innovator." I have seen many that are not. Every teacher SHOULD be an innovator!

  4. What a great list! Thanks for sharing it. Those characteristics make sense but are often things we overlook or don't realize we are doing in education.

  5. This is great. They sound like "information literacy" to me too. I agree with "whatedsaid" that these are qualities of all lifelong learners.