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10 Rules to Create Engaging Elearning

The Rapid eLearning Blog is always on check at my list of feeds. Tom Kuhlmann is his editor and he was attending the ASTD conference. There, he was asked about how to create engaging elearning, a topic not everyone working in the classroom understands. The following are Kuhlmann's ten fundamental ideas to building good elearning courses:

1. Don’t Create the Course - focus on "real performance improvements."

2. The Course Needs to be Relevant to the Learner - "how the learner will interact with the content."

3. Understand Your Objectives - follow "performance goals."

4. Free Up the Navigation - give learners "the freedom to move around."

5. Don’t Push, Let the Learner Pull - "create an environment where the learner has to pull information in."

6. Consider the Pacing & Flow - "learning is like eating." Takes time and process.

7. Look for Inspiration Outside of E-Learning - move out the echo chamber.

8. Create a Course That is Visually Appealing - "people are attracted to things that look interesting."

9. There’s a Place for Novelty - "what's novel at the beginning of a course can quickly become annoying."

10. Commit to Engaging E-Learning - designers need to show "real commitment to make it more engaging."

For a explanation of each one of these rules, head over Tom Kuhlmann's Blog.

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