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Chrome displaying Error 102. What can I do?

I am not a heavy user of Google Chrome. Despite that, I still use it specially when I need to manage the same account at the same time. Everything was working perfectly until yesterday that I noticed I couldn't load any web page on Chrome.

I checked this thread on Google but this far, I still cannot see any web page on Chrome. I am under Spybot residence and have Microsoft Security Essentials running. I double checked to see if everything is working properly and it seems so.

I still work with Win XP on a Toshiba Tecra. The message that I had, looks the same as many are having it:

Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error.

I have to say that I can work normally with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Please, is there anything else that worked for you beyond the process to disable proxy settings on your computer?

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