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The Role of School Librarians in Promoting the Use of Educational Technologies

The International Society for Technology Educators(ISTE) and the Special Interest Group for Media Specialists (SIGMS) has published a PDF document for librarians to use and to promote themselves as technology leaders.

Even when it was created only for librarians, there is some information that teachers can also use. Behind that document is the work of recognized educators and technologists like Joyce Valenza, Ernie Cox, Doug Johnson, Keisa Williams, and Wendy Stephens.

Cathy Nelson on Techno Tuesday explains why it is indispensable to educate the masses but yourself, as well. She also has a say about why this document may be considered as a catalyst for "re-envision today’s library media program:"

    In this day and age where schools are looking for areas to trim the budget, this addition to your advocacy toolkit may very well be what keeps your budget and even position under the column for "vitally important." Use it to impress on the powers that be that your role is important in your school setting. This document will show that you can cast a much wider net for learning in your school, one that covers not only students, but also teachers, administrators and even your community.

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