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The Stinky Methods of the "Online Dregree Schools"

I used to receive requests to write a guest post about whatever I picked. The condition, I should provide a link back as it was. Of course that link read, accredited online schools or any variation of the last two words. You still can find those post under guestpost category.

Stephen Downes, who I respect and read on a daily basis, has pointed more than once, his doubts about lists of education blogs. But he's not alone, Dan Meyer posted today a very descriptive article about the wide spread "Top 100 Blogs" lists.

What Meyer is doing is call our attention to the messy business of linking, tweeting and re-posting articles coming from this type of lists. The problem is, many innocent ---no bloggers, but aspiring college students--- people goes straight to Google and look for resources about education online. And there is the catch. These lists get to the top the results in Google, thanks to our links, the set of all links gotten from many different blogs.

Stop being a predator, writes dy/dan. If you are really serious about education do yourself a favor and don't you ever link back to those lists, sites or e-mail requests. When you reply to them, I'll suggest you include these lines: "No. You're a liar. You made that list so you could take money from people who don't need more predators in their lives."

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