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10 Current Proyects Bill Gates Has to Change Education

Bill and Melinda Gates put a hefty portion of their billions into philanthropic efforts involving development, healthcare, and – of course – education. The foundation that bears their name sponsors a number of amazing opportunities for impoverished or otherwise marginalized individuals to thrive academically and vocationally, whether they be accessible inside the walls of a classroom or a library.

Here are at least 10 of their current projects and strategies that they have in place to ensure that more students across the world obtain the education they need in order to thrive and help build and reinforce their communities. 

 1. Sponsoring Thrive by Five. 
2. Calling for Financial Aid Reform. 
3. Providing Access to State-of-the-Art Technology. 
4. Promoting Flexible Postsecondary Education. 
5. Building and Promoting Libraries Worldwide.
6. Providing a Multitude of Grants. 
7. Intensive Partnerships.
8. Access to Learning Award. 
9. Providing a Multitude of Scholarships. 
10. Sponsoring the Native Lens Program. 

 For an explanation of each one of the projects and strategies, please head over Online University Lowdown.

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