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IT Bill of Rights for Students

The only thing you need to do is run a quick search for Bill of Rights and you'll be directed to some of the these links: Academic Bill of Rights on Wikipedia, The Bill of Rights for Students of Engines for Education, and this Bill of Rights elaborated specifically to students at NSNA (National Student Nurses' Association).

You may have read some other pages about the rights for professionals. But what you haven't read is which are the rights of the students using information technology as an educational tool. Brad Flickinger of the Digital Learning Environments has come up with thoughtful article where he presents a 'work in progress'.

Read away.

10 Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students

1. I have the right to use my own technology at school. I should not be forced to leave my new technology at home to use (in most cases) out-of-date school technology. If I can afford it, let me use it -- you don’t need to buy me one. If I cannot afford it, please help me get one -- I don’t mind working for it.

2. I have the right to access the school’s WiFi. Stop blaming bandwidth, security or whatever else -- if I can get on WiFi at McDonalds, I think that I should be able to get online at school.

3. I have the right to submit digital artifacts that prove my understanding of a subject, regardless of whether or not my teacher knows what they are. Just because you have never heard of Prezi, Voki, or Glogster, doesn’t mean that I should not be able to use these tools to prove to you that I understand what you are teaching me.

For the other 7 Rights for Students, please visit guide2digitallearning.com

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