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How Students Benefit Through Social Media Networking

By Milley Wills*

Social media is playing an important role in today’s online world. The traditional way of meeting each other is long gone. Now the world meets at social media websites. It is observed that people praise the role of social media in our daily life, but when it comes to student, everyone starts criticizing its usage by highlighting its disadvantages only. They may be right on some of their perspectives that social media is affecting studies of students. However, you cannot ignore the benefits that students are getting through it. Following is the list of benefits that social media is providing to the students.

Photo by Shira Golding, used under license CC

1. Connecting Them To The World:

Its first and utmost benefit is that it is connecting students to the world. Through social media, they can make such persons their friends that can help them with their studies. Like, you have added someone who has done masters in the same field of yours. So, if there would be any problem with any of your course, you can ask him for favor and it is seen that mostly on social media, no one turn down your request for help.

Similarly, you can join pages of several universities and make their students your friend. Also, you can post your queries on those pages so that other users can also help you.

2. Increases The Knowledge:

One odd concept about social media platforms is that people only shares funny videos and waste their time by talking to strangers. However, the reality is completely different. It helps you a lot with increasing your knowledge. The increment in knowledge may be general or related to your studies. You can learn many things through the links, photographs and infographs shared by your peers or teachers. Among these, the links shared are valuable. They can lead you to the solution of the complicated queries.

3. Marketing:

Marketing is the new yet most powerful tool of social media. In a world, where buying, selling, bartering and even jobs are online, you must have good grasp on this tool. It can be a good practice for the students to know how to tackle and engage people. They can learn it by keeping an eye on the marketing strategies of brands. See how they are compelling people to their products. How they are managing their pages? How they are interacting with their audience? All these things cumulatively can be a good approach to know how to market your product.

4. Epilogue:

There is nothing that has advantages or disadvantages only. Everything created by human beings have both of them. It basically depends on the way how you are using that product. Same goes for the social media platforms. If you are joining any social media platform for learning something, you will learn from it. On the other hand, if you are joining it for just passing your time, only your time will be wasted. Social media is the new way and the future of the communication and interaction between people. All in all, social media has contributed a lot for the betterment of our lives and its importance cannot be ignored.

(*)Miley Wills is an academic consultant by profession, currently working at Assignmentvalley.Co.Uk as an academic writer. She has also worked with the consortium of educational organizations to foster the development of research and technology based learning programs for all grade students.

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