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Teaching Career Tips: 12 Highly-Informative Blogs for Aspiring Teachers

By Peter Grew*

Teaching is indeed a very rewarding profession. After your parents, your teacher is the one who influences your life to a great extent. Today, the Internet provides a plethora of resources for aspiring teachers who are interested in developing new ideas, increasing their knowledge, and improving their skills.

Here is a list of some popular blogs that are usually maintained by teachers who regularly post important and edifying content related to education and teaching:

1. EdWorld Community

Jason Cunningham’s has been helping educators for more than 15 years. As an aspiring teacher, you can use this blog to connect with the community of experienced teachers, understand the best practices in teaching, chat with professional educators and learn a great many things from their immense expertise.

2. Speed of Creativity

This is more than an educational blog. Here you will find information about technology, entertainment and education. Wesley Fryer shares the most exclusive information about the latest technology and its use in a classroom environment. As a fresh teacher, you can learn a lot about the use of technology for improving the learning process.

3. Cool Cat Teacher

This is more than a teacher’s blog. Vicki Davis shares her insights into different aspects of education. So if you are a promising teacher, you can find here expert comments on technology, lesson plans and the latest developments in the education sector. The blogger has the knack of writing that can engage parents, students and teachers on a single platform.

4. Bell Bulldog Readers

Created by teacher-librarian Mrs. Hembree, this blog is particularly helpful for fresh teachers who love reading educational stuff. Here they can find information about technology and book reviews.

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5. Globicate

Globicate is a platform for educators and students educating them about global issues, geographical and cultural awareness, etc. It informs the teachers about the universal methods of teaching and makes them more aware of the cultural differences in education. Heidi Befort provides expert comments on what fresh teachers must know to be more effective as educators in a classroom with foreign students.

6. Kleinspiration

Kleinspiration is a forum for fresh and experienced educators alike to share knowledge and skills regarding education, technology and the current affairs in the world of academia. Erin Klein is a teacher, author, parent and she commands this valuable website.

7. The Principal of Change

The visionary of change, George Couros is an innovative academician who gathers all the experts from the education sector on this forum. Using this blog, new teachers can learn about innovation in education and technology.

8. English and Literacy Blog

Want to teach English? Find out the most valuable information about the English language on Miss D's blog. With interactive posts like slides and infographics, you will know exactly what you will need to do to become an excellent English teacher.

9. A Principal's Reflections

This is yet another place for talented teachers to make the most out of their teaching abilities. At this blog, headed by nationally recognized educator Eric Sheninger, the fresh teachers can learn skills about leadership, best practices and learning systems that can benefit the students.

10. Scholastic Administrator

Scholastic is the brainchild of writer Alexander Russo. On this blog, fresh educators can find the latest information and news about the teaching methods and numerous education systems. It is a paradise for the people who seek a career in the teaching profession.

11. 21st Century Collaborative

As the names suggest, 21st Century Collaborative invites fresh teachers to learn the innovative methods of teaching. This platform focuses on leadership skills, innovation and motivation to prepare the teachers for the 21st-century classroom. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach is responsible for this site.

12. Teach For U.S.

An online community for teachers, Teach For Us reflects the education system of the United States of America. It is the best forum for aspiring teachers to know the various aspects of the education system in the most powerful country in the world.

(*) Peter Grew is a professional dissertation writer at Dissertation Empire. He is also an author who loves to write blogs related to education. For more info contact him on Twitter.

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