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How Can Teachers Enhances Their Teaching Efficiency

Excellent teachers are not only excellent instructors or tutors but they are also competent planners and thinkers. Such teachers understand the importance of lesson plans(syllabus) and use these tools to enhance their teaching proficiency. These tools allow them to understand how they can plan their teaching method for a single lesson. Without this important tool, they can’t put across the information the way they should.

The main purpose of a lesson plan is to equip the teacher with a detailed guideline that contains a set of carefully-organized instructions. These instructions allow the teachers to ensure that the information is well conveyed to the class and comprehended by the learners in a genuine manner.

Some people believe that lesson plans are only for school teachers since whenever we hear the word "lesson", the image of a teacher conjures up in our mind. A carefully designed and organized lesson plan can also be used for different training purposes other than teaching. Nonetheless, to write a good lesson plan, you may need to bear in mind the following guidelines.

    » First and foremost, you need to identify the goal. The goal is generally what you want to teach your class or what type of lesson you would like to convey to them. Ensure that the topic you want to teach to the students is specific enough to fit in your plan. Remember that the more you narrow down your topic, the easier it’ll be to plan the lesson.

    » Now identify the prerequisites you require for teaching the lesson. Ensure that the nuts and bolts that you require should be suitable for every student in the class.

    » Next, you’ll need to determine the methods that you would like to use to deliver the lesson to the class. For instance, consider how you would want to present the lecture to your students in a way that can keep their interest intact while putting across the lesson productively. Also, ensure that the methods you use should be appropriate for teaching the subject.

    » After outlining the prerequisites, materials or methods in your lesson plan, outline how you want to assess the students. Assessment is necessary to check how much understanding students have gained on the lesson. Therefore, think of different ways through which the assessment tests can be carried out effectively and carefully.

    » Once the syllabus is outlined, write it in a proper document and make two to three copies. It is observed that some academic institutes ask teachers to submit their lesson plans for different classes. So, turn in one copy of your plan to the school and keep the other copy for your own use.

Guest post by Kristine Agurella. She is an online writer, works as a content editor at Assignment Labs. She has also worked with the various consortium of teacher training associations in the past few years.

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