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4 Tips For Teaching Your Students Responsibility

Being a teacher is a big responsibility in itself. You understand that it’s your job to help your students grow and prosper. The only way to do this is to model the behavior yourself and reinforce the positive actions your students display.

Teaching them this skill is a process, so don’t give up. Your students aren’t going to learn how to be responsible overnight. Give them time and keep taking the right actions on your part is what will help them succeed. They’ll thank you for it later in life when they’re put to the test. See tips for teaching your students responsibility.

Student social responsibility

Give Assignments

Don’t be afraid to hand out assignments inside and outside of the classroom. Have certain students in charge of responsibilities in the classroom and assign everyone homework and projects on a consistent basis. This is going to help your students learn to manage their time and come to class prepared. It’s your job to check them over and confirm who has completed the assignments and who hasn’t. Hold students accountable for their actions, and they’ll start to learn to listen.

Focus on the Rewards

Remind your students that there’s an entire world outside of your classroom. What they do now has an impact on their life in the future. Teach them that if they work hard, they can have what they want, such as a good job or a used Toyota Hilux car to drive. Talk to them about how responsibility leads to other positive outcomes and successes on their part. This will motivate them to want to work harder and put in the effort to learn at school, whether it’s at the high school or throughout higher education at a college.

Set Classroom Rules

It’s up to you what you let slide in your classroom. The only way to teach responsibility is to determine what you will and won’t tolerate. Hold students accountable when they show up late for class or are talking during a lesson you’re teaching. Let them know early that you won’t be putting up with their disrespect for the classroom and see how they respond. Without rules, you won’t have any way to guide them to be responsible students.

Have them Work in Groups

Working in groups is all about interacting with other people. Your students are in charge of setting up a time to meet to work on the assignment together as a group. You’re out of the picture, and they’re responsible for the team succeeding or not. Sometimes you have to step back and give them the freedom to take what they’ve learned and run with it so that they can prove their abilities. This will also help you easily notice those who completely dismiss it. Group work isn’t only about getting the assignment done, but it’s about showing responsibility for working hard and being part of a team.


As the teacher, you have a lot of pull to guide your students. They’re looking to you to help them understand and learn. These are tips for teaching your students responsibility.

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