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Ecuador: Churutes' Mangroves

I was surprised to find out all by myself the Proyecto Ruidoso which is managed by Samuel Perichon(Can be read in Arab language, as well). I've ever heard it before but this post about Loja. If you browse around and type in Churute in google you will find that this is an Ecologic Reserve that belongs to the National Patrimony of Natural Areas Protected by the Ecuadorian State, it is also enrolled in the Ramsar International Treaty to be one of the most important humid forest zones for Ecuador. Its extension is 49,383 hectares, which:35,000 are mangler zone, and 5,500 hectares in the hills of Mate, Cimalon, Perequete Chico, Perequete Grande, Pancho Diablo. 8,883 hectares include the denominated Lagoon of the Canclon and the agricultural zones of the communes who are inside the reserve.

Sorry, but being an Ecuadorean, I've missed this Reserve and feel compelled to report it like it is. See pictures of Proyecto Ruidoso (Noisy Project).

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