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Highlights About What It Means to Be a Blogger

I've been writing while ago. I don't mean the scholastic writings that our teachers used to ask for, but professional writing. When I was a teen I always dreamed of being an anchor or at least a person with a strong network in the media. That was my dream! After many years spent in College, struggling to learn French and Russian I've ended up learning English! OMG. Things happened and nowadays I am fluent in both languages: English and Spanish. The French and Russian have flown, I don't know whether from my tongue or from my mind!

This personal disclosure is brought to you because I wanted to thank all my readers, those visitors that fall on any of my posts and kindly drop a note or a message to tell me I am doing good or even to let me know that my grammar sucks! All due respect, for mild language. I've been plugged for one of the best citizen journalists, David Sasaki. Much appreciation deserves Claudia Peña who has been kind enough to include our blog in her blogroll.

Alexis Rebolledo a Chilean teacher and blogger made a generous review of our Education & Tech. You will notice how the Education & Tech had gone from time to time, changing not only in design but in contents. Our dearest Carmen from Spain also made a very short but provocative analysis of TonNet's blog and BTW, everyone is entitled to belong to UBH Spanish Bloggers Network). And just yesterday a professional, very familiar with the Mac's World, wrote a presentation for our 'second son' a blog which is written in Spanish and that is focused on my mother country issues: Carlos Correa has a way, way generous presentation for Voces Lojanas

Thank you all and promise to keep doing things better!

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